For years this type of technology was intended for a select few with extensive knowledge in lighting, but now GeekMyTree changes that. Everything you need for awesome tree lighting and effects is in one box. GeekMyTree takes the guesswork and frustration out of RGB lighting, making a spectacular display easy to achieve with no lighting knowledge necessary. In about 20 minutes you can be up and going. It’s as easy as opening the box, hanging the lights on your tree, and plugging it in!  Your friends will be amazed at how much cooler your tree is compared to theirs. Everyone will ask you how you did it. Just tell them a geek helped you.
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GlowBalls Are Better
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Designed To Be Easy
With GeekMyTree Animated GlowBalls, spending hours getting lights facing the right direction is a thing of the past. Animated GlowBalls light up in all directions so you simply hang them and you're done.   Other LED systems require you to wind lights up and down the tree making it practically impossible to line the lights up properly. GeekMyTree’s innovative top-hanging system allows you to get near-perfect spacing every time for spectacular looking effects.  Why settle for the measly 7-color lights most stores sell when GeekMyTree Animated GlowBalls can give you 16.7 million colors? Plus, our single-wire design is more durable, it lessens the chance of tangling, and blends in better than other LED solutions. Our unique build-to-length design makes it easy to expand simply by adding more sections to the end of the strand. 
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Custom Size
Pro Series Available At
Pre built Pro packages include Animated GlowBalls™, cables, SanDevices controller, and a Raspberry Pi with Falcon Pi Player preloaded with several patterns. Plug it in, and it goes. Already own a SanDevices controller? You can purchase just the Animated GlowBalls. 
Feature Pro Series Available Now Home Series (2015 Season) Maximum Animated GlowBalls 480 160 Animated GlowBalls Per Section 5 10 Number of Vertical Sections Configured By User 8 or 16 Strand Size 30 in (76.2 cm) 70 in (17.8 cm) End to End Expandable Yes No Size of Animated GlowBalls 1 in (25mm) 1 in (25mm) Animated GlowBall Spacing  6 in (150mm) 7 in (180mm) Number of Colors 16.7 Million 16.7 Million Outer Shell Type Solid TPE Plastic Expected Life (hours) 50,000 50,000 Rated for Indoor / Outdoor Indoor Only Waterproof / UV Protected Yes No Supports SanDevices Controllers Yes No Stand Alone Controller with Patterns No Yes User Can Create Patterns Yes No Controlable with Smartphone No Yes Supports DMX Yes No Availability  Now 2015 Season
80 Animated GlowBalls (8 vertial strands)
GMT80 - 8 Foot Starter
GMT160 - 8 Foot Starter + Expansion
160 Animated GlowBalls (16 vertial strands)
300 Animated GlowBalls (20 vertial strands)
GMT300 - 10 Foot Super Geek Setup
480 Animated GlowBalls (24 vertial strands)
GeekMyTree Pro Packages Animated GlowBall™ 
GMT480 - 12 Foot Mega Geek Setup
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Home Setup
SanDevices WiriingInstruction
Control With Smart Phone
Put Zip-Tie Through Eyelets
Coming 2015 Season for iOS and Android
Connect End Caps
Connect Strands Together
Attach GlowBall Strands
Attach Data Cable
space evenly around the tree
Place Crown On Tree.
Pro Setup
run cable through center of tree to hide
first connector should be at back of tree
Plug Controller In
Hang GeekMyTree Animated GlowBalls™ in less time then it takes you to untangle your traditional lights. In about 20 minutes, you can have it up and going.  It’s so simple, no geek is required.  Take the tour above to see how easy we’ve made it.   Unlike other LED systems that require you to wind lights around or up and down the tree, GeekMyTree’s innovative top-hanging system allows you to get near-perfect spacing every time for great looking effects!   Your friends will be amazed at how much cooler your tree is compared to theirs. Everyone will ask you how you did it. Just tell them a geek helped you.
tighten ring once connected
tighten ring once connected number of sections varies by package
patterns will start to play
weave crown wire as shown and space connectors evenly
No Geek Required
number of items varies by package
User ManualComing Soon
Unpack The Box
Animated GlowBalls make RGB easy!
Video: Tree EffectsSide-by-side comparison of GeekMyTree’s 80 and 160 Animated GlowBall configurations on a 7.5 foot tree. Patterns were generated using MADRIX and outputting to a SanDevices e6804 controller. 
Video: Can your tree do this? A demonstration of GeekMyTree Animated GlowBalls synchronized with music. Effects were created in MADRIX and controlled with Light-O-Rama S3 software. 
Video: RGB 101This video will teach you the basics of both RGB lighting and DMX. If you have though about getting into RGB lighting but don't understand it, this is a great place to start. You do not need to know any of this information to run GeekMyTree products.
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